2021 Wolf Creek Legend

“I enjoy my Wolf Creek for several reasons. One of which is that I can store it along the side of my home and always be ready to take advantage of the convenience of my truck camper. I have found the Wolf creek to be a very solid and versatile unit without too much weight for my 3/4 ton Silverado.
I’m a avid hiker and the Wolf Creek suits me to a tee as I can take it to most of the Trailheads where I hike. Nothing like coming back to a nice clean camper, resting and having a cold drink and an a nice lunch in my home away from home!

I am very happy with the workmanship and convenience of my Wolf Creek up to this point and look forward to many more adventures with my camper.”


Wayne Tobey

“My husband and I bought our Wolf Creek camper just after Christmas, 2017. Upon taking delivery we drove to Oceano Dunes to join our sons at the beach. It was so awesome having our own little house. We added 2 solar panels, which was very easy as the camper was already prewired. We have taken many short trips with our friends. Then we retired in June 2019. In the middle of July we embarked on a 3 month trip. First to Glacier National Park, then across the top of Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. There we visited family in many places in Michigan. Having been teachers we have traveled a lot in the summer with our boys but we had only 5 states in the northeast that we had not traveled to. So we headed east to see several places in each of the states. We loved camping and hiking in the New York finger lakes, visiting Mark Twains home, camping on the coast, visiting Mystic, CT, visiting the Plimoth Plantation and Plymoth Rock. Then we headed to Bar Harbor then back across the Kancamagus Highway (Route 112) to see the fall colors. Our last stop before returning to Michigan was Niagra Falls. Our little house on wheels was so comfortable and easy to live in. Small enough to park and get around easy, but big enough for the 2 of us to be very comfortable. I wish I had more pictures with our rig showing the awesome places we have been, but mostly I just have a picture of our truck on the beach near our home in Ocean Park, WA, a picture of our truck parked at Plymouth, MA and one pic of camping with friends in Kennedy Meadows in California. Thank you Northwood for making an awesome camper! We are looking forward to many more travels with it.”

Cindi and Ron Rendel

“Another great adventure with our Wolf Creek 850. On our way back from a deer hunting trip, we found this 747 parked on the Black Rock playa. Apparently it was used at Burining Man and the owner wanted to park it at a near by ranch until next year, but ran into some issues with the BLM. So it is currently sitting on the playa until the owner figures out where to store it.”

~Anthony, Jennifer and sons.

“We had never been camping before and decided that we would skip tent camping and go straight for a truck camper so that we could bring our boat or ATVS as well. After looking at different campers we decided we wanted a hard side and the Wolf Creek 840 was equipped right and the right price for us. We really like the seating arrangement and all the windows make it feel roomy. We love the clear skylight in the bathroom as well. After camping almost every weekend this summer we have no complaints. Our local Northwood service department treats us like family and are very helpful if we have questions. We are thoroughly enjoying our camping experiences. Sometimes we even sleep in the camper in our driveway! Plus the color scheme looks great on our truck!”
~Fred and Cindy Stover

“My Wolf Creek has provided a home away from home while enjoying camping and riding ATV’s all over Alaska.  The dual propane tanks and large battery compartment with dual 6 volt batteries, large fresh, black, and gray water tanks allow me to take extended camping trips in remote locations without services.  Having a full galley with a 3 burner stove, oven, refrigerator, freezer, and large sink provide all the amenities to enjoy great meals on the road.  The quality construction and insulation allow the furnace to keep my camper warm and dry during occasional rains and cold Alaskan nights.  Thank you for making a great camper that allows me to enjoy the awesome scenery and back country of Alaska with all the comforts of home!”


Things that I like about my Wolf Creek;
– Perfect size for weekend camping
– Light weight while still having all the amenities for remote camping
– Nice layout
– Well constructed overall and quality appliances
– LED lighting helps with battery life
– Large battery compartment allowed me to install 2 6volt batteries.
– Dual propane tanks last forever
– Beautiful cabinetry throughout
– Rieco Titan wireless jacks are excellent
– Added Fox bumper and landing provides great access while towing (which I always do).


~Allen Jedlicki

“We have had our 2013 Wolf Creek 850 Truck Camper since October 2012 and have been enjoying it completely! We chose to get the Wolf Creek camper because my family loves to camp yet we don’t love tents. My daughters and I love having nice warm beds and a bathroom in the camper. My husband chose the Wolf Creek 850 and wanted it to be winterized so that we can take it up to our local ski area in Washington where we spend many weekends skiing and camping in the snow. Something we would never consider in a tent.”

“Currently, we are on a year long road trip with the family in the Wolf Creek. My husband, myself and my two daughters (8 & 11) left Seattle, WA at the end of August and headed North, through Vancouver, BC and headed all the way up to Hyder, AK. Then made our way down through the Canadian Rockies and back into the US through Montana, South Dakota and through the Great Lakes Region. After Michigan we went North again and toured Montreal and Quebec City. After getting sprinkled with a bit of snow in Quebec and getting shut out of closed RV parks, we decided to head South. We went through Maine, stopped in Salem, MA to experience the Halloween festivities and explore Boston and now we are in Gettysburg, PA and are planning to continue heading South. We will spend Thanksgiving in Virginia and make our way to Florida for December before we head to the Rockies for ski season and then head West in the Spring and back home next Summer.”

“We love our camper and have been getting great use out of it.”

~Kathy & Andrew Gorohoff

Seattle, WA

“After extensive research, I bought the 2013 Wolf Creek 850 for use in Alaska. It has all the amenities my family of 3 needs and more. We traveled through Canada and into Alaska in April 2013, temperatures were below freezing and the camper kept us dry and warm. It was very surprising to me how much storage space was available and with the 5 CUF fridge we could carry many days of food without having to resupply. The four season capability is a must up in Alaska and I am extremely happy with my 850.”

~Bob Hornick

“We have used our camper for two summers, visiting the Oregon and Washington coasts twice, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Colorado, Utah
Canyonlands, and many other interesting places in between. We have gone over 12,000 miles and spent many nights in the camper. We bought the Wolf Creek because we wanted a high quality, non-slide camper that would work well on our GMC 2500HD. We have been very pleased with our choice.”

~Bryce Dillree
Meridian, Idaho

“The 2014 Wolfcreek 850 is a camper that impresses!”
“The floor plan is ideal for me especially with the Roll-over-Sofa. I was blown away when I saw it for the first time, the new logo is great and the interior is awesome!!! A family member jokingly asked what hotel I was staying at when they saw my interior photo! Very happy with this camper choice. It will meet my needs I’m sure, it met my expectations!!!”

~Tim Holman, Wolf Creek 850

“To me Northwood really knocked it out of the park with the Wolf Creek 850. It fits our family of four perfect, and has performed well for off road use. I have owned several hard sided non slide out truck campers over the years and I had issues with sleeping arrangements for the kids, holding tank capacity, storage space, and 4 season compatibility.   The Wolf Creek 850 solved all these issues and more.  I simply can not find a better hard side non slide 8′ camper with aluminum frame structure.  The key features for our family are having the largest holding tanks in its class, light weight, huge dinette, beautiful interior, perfect fold down bunk for my 5 year old, massive storage cabinets, that you can take off road.  We also love the thermal pane windows and the aluminum bumper. ”

~Nolan Sturgeon Wolf Creek 850

“We chose the Wolf Creek based on outstanding reputation & build quality. We were very impressed with the amount of storage the unit offered & holding tank sizes. The one piece molded shower/bathroom area was also a highlight. The truck camper will give us the freedom to fish & hunt wherever the road takes us.”

“When we started talking about downsizing, we considered the pros and cons of our 30 ft. motor home with two slides vs. a trailer or camper. It was nice to have all the room in the motor home, but we mainly used it for sleeping, shelter from weather, and for bathroom facilities. We do very little cooking inside as we utilize our BBQ, even for breakfasts.

“We have ‘toys’ that need to be hauled in or on a trailer. We take our 1956 Chevy BelAir to car shows in our enclosed trailer. The trips to the Oregon Dunes with our sand rail and/or quads, we use the enclosed trailer or our flat bed trailer. With the motor home and the trailer we need a 60 ft. RV site. Not all places will accommodate that long of a unit. Our future plans include towing our boat to camp and fish at many of the beautiful lakes in Oregon.

“We had a pickup we seldom used. A trailer didn’t fit our towing needs, so ruled it out. We looked at many campers and came down to either the Arctic Fox or the Wolf Creek. After numerous phone calls to Northwood and asking a lot of questions, we sold the motor home and arranged to take a tour of the Northwood factory. During the tour we talked with staff in each stage of construction. I don’t think we could have found more competent, friendly, and professional staff at any other manufacturer. We wanted a shorter and lighter camper to suit our towing needs so decided upon the Wolf Creek 850N. We knew it would take time getting used to a smaller unit, but it felt adequate for the two of us. It has ample storage inside, and options were available to personalize it just for us. We chose the night stand where we charge our cell phones at night. We gave up cupboard space by adding the microwave but gained a large drawer by not having an oven. We added the overhead bunk, removed the mattress pad and use it for storage. We dry camp a lot so the second battery was a nice option. We got the larger refrigerator. We have had at least two weeks worth of fresh and frozen foods in it. The shower in the wet bath is adequate for the 6 ft. man of the camper.

“While the unit was being made we received pictures via email of the progress. In some of the pictures the employees were waving. It warmed our hearts to know that Northwood made everything personal while still being professional. It only took a few weeks for our Wolf Creek to be built.

“We wanted to try out the camper immediately so took a five-day road trip. We decided right away that the Wolf Creek is a keeper. In the five months we’ve had the Wolf Creek, we spent a week in Medford with the ’56 for the Medford Cruise, traveled to the coast and spent four days with the sand, rail-riding the Oregon Dunes. We traveled back to the coast for a car show and stayed a week. We spent a few days in an RV park in the Rogue Valley to visit family. Because we love the outdoors and using our Wolf Creek, we drove eight miles from home to enjoy a few days in a campground on one of Oregon’s beautiful lakes, Lake of the Woods.

“We live in the mountains; snow country. There were months during the winter we couldn’t get the motor home out of the shop, let alone drive it down the mountain. We haul our Wolf Creek on a 4-wheel drive truck. No more will the snow keep us from taking off during the winter.” — Barb & Dwayne M., Klamath Falls, OR

“We love our Wolf Creek 850. Lots of storage, spacious and roomy. All the comforts and conveniences we wanted without sacrificing build quality and craftsmanship. Four-season camper built to boondock. Great way to get out on the road.” –Mike

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