“I’ve been camping/truck camping for many years now, I have been inside a lot of campers and have yet to find one as comfortable, as versatile and functional, or as rock solid as our Arctic Fox 865. We use our camper from weekend quick trips to long trips. I often am out in nature riding my mountain bike, rock climbing, snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, doing photography, or generally exploring with our 865. My Arctic Fox serves so many of our outdoor adventures on road to off road, front country to backcountry, mid summer to mid winter, it has never let me down.”

“After a long day in the backcountry, I always look forward to getting back to my Arctic Fox for some quality R&R. I just can’t get enough of this camper, love it. From holding tank sizes, and storage to the roomy wet bath, to that oh so incredible panoramic view, the 865 is so well laid out, one of the best campers out there….A+ to Northwood for this truck camper. Boondocking nirvana for the 865. Now the only problem is I am running out of excuses for time off from work to go camping…!!!”


-David and Page C.

“We’ve been traveling all over North America with our 2022 Arctic Fox 1150 Truck Camper since September of 2021. The insulation and build quality of this camper is amazing! It’s also nice to have a dry bath in the truck camper so the rest of the bathroom doesn’t get wet. We’ve had three truck campers, and this one is our first Arctic Fox. We travel on a lot of rough roads and our camper has had no issues with it compared to past truck campers we’ve had. When we decided that we would be living out of a camper for most of the year, we knew we had to get something that would be built to last and have enough space for both of us. The Arctic Fox 1150 exceeds those expectations!”


-Matt & Sarah
Infinite Explorers

“The Northern lights in Alaska, with my parents camper in the background. It was -15° but we survived!”


-Krista S.

“Some pictures of my Arctic Fox 811.”


~Richard H.

“We loved our 2011 AF 1150 Dry bath and had the opportunity to upgrade to a new one this summer…..love all the upgrades and changes over the last few years you have made. ”


-Elliot P Groeneveld

Photo Credit : Elaine & Arnie Croteau / Truck Camper Living LLC


“We love our 2018 Arctic Fox 811. A lot of research went into what our truck camper needed for us to be able to live full time in it. Bill and Ryan of Truck Camper Warehouse in West Chesterfield, NH (which is where we lived) answered all our questions, so we were able to find and create our perfect home. We added 2 – 170 watt solar panels, 2 – 100 amp Renogy lithium batteries, a 2000 watt inverter, Honda generator, froli system for air flow under the queen mattress, and 9’ side awning.


On the inside, we love the warm brown tones, the ambiance rope lighting, dinette slide out, storage in all available spaces, size of the appliances and just overall it has the coziness of home.


We sold our home and everything last May and became Truck Camper Living. We have traveled 10,000 miles across the country so far and had no issues with the Arctic Fox 811. We came back to NH for the holidays and even with the cold temperatures we experienced no issues with making minor modifications.


We welcome you to check out our You Tube channel – Truck Camper Living, and see our tutorials of our Arctic Fox 811 as well as our journey. Also, find us on Facebook, Instagram and the web at http://www.truckcamperliving.net


As far as we are concerned Arctic Fox is the best truck camper available with it’s solid construction, attention to details and insulation values.

We hope to see you along our journey….”


~Elaine & Arnie Croteau
Truck Camper Living LLC


“Thank you, we highly speak of or Arctic Fox and recommend it as we are getting compliments everywhere we go!”



“Here we are at Lake Shasta, California. This is our first real camping trip in our new Arctic Fox 992. Love, Love the camper!”



~Mike and Linda Godsil

“Here with our 2018 Arctic Fox 990 at Lake Pleasant Regional Park near Phoenix. We just got a new Ram 3500 dually, and there were enough upgrades from our well traveled 2012 AF990 to entice us to upgrade to the 2018. We love it and can’t wait to put many months of travel and camping in our new rig. We find no other camper matches our needs like the AF990. Perfect layout, perfectly equipped.”



~Bill Johns

“My family and I love our 2015 AF 1150 wet bath camper. We were really impressed with the quality and how much interior room there is with the full wall slide. I bought my 2016 F-350 dually 4×4 knowing that I was going to buy either an 1140 or 1150. My wife and I decided on the 1150. It sleeps my family of five comfortably (we have the over dinette bunk). I love being able to fit into camping areas and camping spots I would never dream of taking a travel trailer. It also allows us to tow our Jeep and eventually a boat to different places in the Northwest. Our 1150 keeps us warm and dry during bad weather. Couldn’t be happier with our purchase!”


~Jake Smith

“We took the factory tour for the third time last week just before picking up our 2017 865. Here it is in Yellowstone with a nice bull in the back yard. This is the perfect match for our 2015 Arctic Fox 32-5M. We love them both.”


~Doak Walker

“The only way we go to the beach! With two kids you can literally take everything and the kitchen sink with you and you don’t have to unload any of it.”

Cape Lookout, NC


~Eric Ward

“Just wanted to share with you a picture of our Arctic Fox 1140 truck camper that we purchased in April.
Immediately after purchase, we took it over 5,000 miles to Alaska! We have had several people ask us what we think of it, from fellow campers in campgrounds to both the Canadian and American Customs Officials at the border crossings. We tell them all the same thing: we continue to be impressed with the build quality on this camper! This is our third RV and it far surpasses the others in so many ways.”


~Lindsay & Alex Reed

“Pictures from December 2016 at Little Lava lake near LaPine Oregon. Most campers don’t head out this time of year, but our AF camper keeps us comfortable in any weather! We had the lake all to ourselves, doesn’t get Much better than that!”

Proud Arctic Fox owners,

~Jared and Candice Sund

“I thought I’d share with you the neighbors at Pambula beach on the East coast of Australia during a recent trip with our Arctic Fox camper. There are no boundaries to where you will find an Arctic Fox camper. We are enjoying our many travels here in Australia with our GMC, Arctic Fox slide on camper.”

~Col & Val Rees

“We made the 10 mile drive up the scenic Wheeler Peak road, in Great Basin NP, to the rest area at 10,000 feet in altitude.”

~George Visconti

“Here are a few pics from the maiden voyage with our 2017 Arctic Fox 996. We have been avid RV’ers during our 40+ year marriage and recently decided to downsize from our 28′ TT to a camper so we could travel with our pontoon boat to the many beautiful lakes here in the great Northwest. After comparing several brands we settled on the Arctic Fox, and specifically the 996 model with two slides. The camper offers plenty of room for the two of us and our Chocolate Lab and has so many great features which offer comfort and more than just a touch of luxury. The construction is first class, and the coach is quiet and easy to heat or cool in any season. The kitchen slides out to a great food prep space and there is so much floor space with the dinette slide-out extended. The huge fresh, grey, and black water capacities are amazing.

We find the camper so convenient and easy to just load up and go that we have made several trips since that maiden voyage, with a number more planned for later this winter. We are so glad we made the choice to go with Arctic Fox, and our local dealer, Apache Camping Center in Everett, Washington.”

~Alan Muzzy

“We enjoy our travels in our Arctic Fox 1140 camper. We love the fact that we can camp off grid and very seldom stay in a campground. We have 300 watts of solar on the roof and with the size of our tanks we last about 10 days until we have to dump and refill our tanks. With the solar power and the low power usage of the camper’s led lights we generally have full batteries by night fall. This summer we went for 70 days without plugging into power or running our generator, just using solar power. Our summer trip was mainly in Montana, Wyoming and Utah. We climbed 4 wheel drive mountain roads in Montana to see wild Mustangs and traveled through Yellowstone and Grand Tetons for the Elk, Bear and Wolf sightings.
The lighthouse photo was last fall’s trip to Canada and Prince Edwards Island. With our camper we are able to get into more places and stay longer without the need to find power or campgrounds.”

~Russ & Gretchen Berquam

“On our way to and from our vacation house in Maine, we stopped by Truck Camper Warehouse a couple times and checked out Arctic Fox truck campers as well as several other brands they carry.

After careful evaluation, we chose Arctic Fox because of their quality. We had heard good things about
Arctic Fox and we were impressed when we saw their campers in person.

We picked the Arctic Fox 1150 because we liked the floor plan and the ability to get a dry bath. We knew
we would be taking extended trips and the open feeling of the 1150 appealed to us.”

~Celina and Brett Binns

“I love my Arctic Fox 990 as I can go anywhere and just camp out for a week or so out in the boonies. Quartzsite, AZ BML Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA).

Enjoying the sunset with my Arctic Fox 990. The slide out makes all the difference in the world.”

~Frank Poole

“Always thought the Arctic Fox was a quality camper; I liked the aluminium frame, the 4 season insulation and features like the solar panels, A/C and spacous, quality interior.

When we bought our 1150 at the end of June our first trip a week later was to go from NY to Vernal Utah for the July 4th POW WOW for the Ute Indian reservation (our grand daughter was just adopted from the tribe earlier in the year) The Camper and truck got us the 2100 miles in just over 2 1/2 days with no problem. We now have been using every year to go to Arizona and stay on some remote places in the desert. I tend to be pretty adventurous with my unit and as we 4 wheeled out of very broken up terrain my wife said “That’s It” the camper was bouncing off the bed of the truck and we lost one of the tie downs. But undaunted we found a “jeep” trail in New Mexico and lost 2 hubcaps down the cliff. I AM NOT ALLOWED TO PICK THE TRAIL ANY MORE…..so says the copilot!”
~Dave and Linda Weinstein
Holbrook NY

“We had another camper for two years, but the dinette was small, just under 6′ and was only 18″ deep. When we saw the 990 Arctic Fox with the full wall slide, the 26″ slide depth, the closet space and the extra counter space, that was all it took. We stepped up to the 1150 since we have a dually pickup. I found one on the internet and drove all the way to Boise from Colorado to pick it up. We are happy with the Arctic Fox and this will be our third winter in it down in southern Arizona. Last year while boon docking with our ATV’s for 80 days we only spent 62 dollars for camping and dumping the tanks. As far as the camper… it’s great!”
~Frank Niehus
Elbert Co.

“My husband Mike and I took our 2011 Chevy 3500 diesel dually and our 2005 Arctic Fox 990 on a trip we’d been hoping to do for a long time. By the time we returned to our home near Manitowoc, WI, we had traveled 17,223 miles in three and one half months.”
“Our trip covered NW Canada, Alaska and down the west coast to Bakersfield, CA before heading east and home. We spent about a month in northwest Canada and two months in Alaska traveling almost every back country road we could find. We drove a few thousand miles on rough, unpaved and sometimes muddy roads in almost every weather condition imaginable. Air temps ranged from the 80’s to a low of 22 degrees in snowy Tok, Alaska. Through it all, our Arctic Fox performed impeccably. We loved the fact that no matter where we traveled – even up to the Arctic Ocean, people would come up to us and inquire how we liked our camper – always with admiration in their eyes!”
“We boondocked about 3/4 of our nights and thoroughly enjoyed our trip with our 990 Arctic Fox because of its convenient layout, dependability, sturdiness and high quality of construction, a plus when traveling in The Last Frontier.”

~Mike and Deb Herzfeldt

“What’s not to like about my Arctic Fox 811 camper? Absolutely nothing! We’ve abandoned the tent and sleeping on the ground for the Arctic Fox 811. It’s been a terrific get-a-way home for my wife, my Boxer (Hogan) and I. The time spent inside the camper is nothing short of luxurious. All the conveniences of home in a truck camper for all three of us. Who would have thought camping would include microwave ovens, flat screen televisions and showers? We’ve used the camper in high winds and freezing temperatures and stayed very warm and cozy. A testament to the camper’s excellent build quality and insulation. The interior decor was my wife’s choice and her favorite part of the camper. She loves showing off the interior when we get asked by others to view the inside. We love our 811 and look forward to Spring to take her out again!”  ~Kent Keyser

“We have had four class A’s and two fifth wheels and the best trips have been in our F450 and Arctic Fox 990.  The flexibility that the Truck Camper lends us is great whether it’s on the road getting to our destination or the section of our campsite that we’re able to get into. Carlos Armas”

“Michigan’s Upper Peninsula  has a lot of wilderness with beautiful primitive camping opportunities right on the shores of Lake Superior. The only problem, if you want to camp in most of these areas, they are only accessible by small dirt roads with sites large enough to fit a tent or very small RV. Fortunately for us, not only does our truck and camper fit in these sites but with the AF 1150, we are able to enjoy so many amenities, few could ever think of having in these secluded and primitive locations.”


“This time of year, you will experience a lot of cold and stormy weather blow in off Lake Superior and nights, often in the 30’s. But in the AF, we just aren’t affected by the weather. We love the cozy bedroom for not only sleeping but with it getting dark so early these days and the nights too cold to stay outside with a campfire, we often have wine, eat snacks and watch a movie before going to bed.  But what is also great is being able to take hot showers in the morning and then sit at the dinning room table with a hot breakfast, coffee and watch a nasty storm blow in off Lake Superior.”


“We want to thank you for building such an awesome camper and we are looking forward to many more miles and adventures in our AF 1150.”


Ken and Donna Pastorius
Petoskey, Michigan

“The quality and attention to detail in production of your Arctic Fox line of campers is great! Your efforts invested in time and energy result in making sure we can do the thing we enjoy the most!” Dave & Patty Heath, Texas

“I can attest to the durability of the AF 1150. We have been on Jeep trails with our Ram dually diesel, along roads that overhang 1,000 foot drops, and washboard roads, as well as chargin out of washes that looked like a tank coming out of the hedgerows in Europe during WWI.

“I tend to keep things a long time and feel confident the AF will do well for the long run.

“The heater is warm, the fridge is cold, and the generator powers up when it gets too dark for solar. All in all, I think the unit is good, and I use it.” Dave and Lila W.