Photo Credit – Diane Felt


“We have taken the Nash on a great adventure around the country since July 29, 2018. It’s our home on wheels as we turned in the keys to the home we were renting in Denver. We downsized drastically and our personal belongings either travel with us or are in a climate-controlled storage unit in the Denver area. Our Nash is a trusted friend accompanying us to cities, the countryside, national and state parks, on highways, gravel/dirt roads, up mountain passes, and into Death Valley below sea level and more! Sunshine, high temps, rain, hail, and some snow, cold temps, high winds…it’s done fantastically!”


~Diane Felt

” We absolutely love our Nash! This is our second travel trailer (first one being another brand) and switching to Northwood made everything about camping in Montana more enjoyable! Your company is Awesome keep up the good work!



“When build quality is a life or death situation. Sent in by a recent customer who lived in her 17K near Portland, OR. Due to excessive snow this tree uprooted and landed on her trailer while she was asleep inside!! Can you imagine if we did 24” centers instead of 16”, and if we used OSB board instead of plywood!??? Anyway this customer was so impressed with her Nash 17K that she just bought a brand new 2019 Arctic Fox 22G.”


~(From: Fonda Wardell)

“I Took my 2 young sons camping for 5 nights at a lake here on Vancouver Island, BC. We love our 2015 Nash 25c it is able to withstand many rough gravel road miles and is the perfect floor plan for our family. Even with its larger size, it’s high ride height allows me to get this thing anywhere I used my previous Arctic Fox truck camper.


~Kyle Marriott

Loving our second summer with our 2013 Nash 23B! We stopped for a break here to enjoy the Mt. Hood view up close on our way to camp out with our parents who have a Snow River.”

“Getting a Northwood made product was the best choice!

~Ben & Angela Keeton

“First camping trip in our new Nash 29s with our friends in their Nash 23d.
Camping by the Beartooth pass Redlodge Montana


~Eric Sevareid

I wanted to thank all of you for your hard work on your travel trailers. I spent the last few months looking for the perfect travel trailer for my family; which consists of myself, my wife and our two young girls ages 5 and 2. After looking at a few different trailers, I purchased a 2017 Nash 25C . I wanted to let you know how impressed and excited my family is to begin our adventures with our new trailer. My 5 year old absolutely loves the bunks in the back! I had no issues at all taking it over multiple passes to get it to our home. The picture was taken at the top of Vail Pass, elevation 10,662′

~Troy Freeman

“We spent two weeks in the Canadian Rockies between Jasper and Banff national park. The best part of the our brand new 2016 Nash 22h is the ground clearance, entry door friction hinge, rear receiver hitch, privacy windows, large bathroom, solar power, to say a few. The campgrounds we stayed at in the national parks, were power only sites. Having the large holding tanks with the additional 10 gallons in the hot water heater was nice. We made it five days with four people on our fresh water supply. The temperatures dipped down close to freezing, we didn’t notice it with the four season insulation. This trailer will give most other RV owners diamond plate envy. We have had the trailer off road and it does make a difference. Bought the trailer in June and have put 2000 awesome camping miles on it.

Scott and Lisa Adams

“I bought a Nash 17C new in 2006. My inaugural trip was a 2 day weekend camping in the desert in Quartzite, AZ in January. It does get cold at night but the Nash is so well insulated and built, I didn’t have to use the heater and no problems with the battery. That same year I traveled in a “caravan” with the family and went to Banff National Park, Canada. I have made many great memories in the Nash and there will be many more to come (yes, I still own the Nash and wouldn’t trade it for anything). As a matter of fact: I have been to many RV shows and I can honestly say that the Nash 17C has the best floor plan available in it’s size and the most solidly built travel trailer on the market today.”

“Love my Nash!”

Gregg Merdick
Surprise, Arizona

“I had been looking for an off road, off grid trailer for several years, starting with the toy haulers, but decided they were too large and heavy for my truck, and the places I wanted to go.. After reading the specs on many brands of trailers, and looking at their floor plans and build quality, I finally decided the Nash 22H fit my needs best.. It is built very solidly, yet not overly heavy, has a slightly narrower stance of about 8’1″, and a lower overall height of about 10′-7″. But it’s best feature is it’s cargo capacity. Most brands of trailers cannot support the extra weight of 6 batteries, and 2 large roof mounted solar panels with tilting brackets, without exceeding it’s maximum weight capacity.”

“The 4 season Nash is durably built inside and out, from it’s metal outside door latches, to it’s frame mounted cabinetry, to it’s full walk on roof. Yes, it had a couple of minor quality control issues, but nothing I can’t live with. Even million dollar luxury coaches have them too.”

“I have to admit this is my first RV, but after 4 months of boondocking around southern Utah’s mountain roads, I feel I made the right choice. I have had no issues with the trailer performing as expected, and I look forward to many years of dependable use from this trailer, and yes my grandsons love it too..” Tom Kerns, Southern Utah

“We camped 3 nights in Two Medicine Campground, Glacier National Park with our new 24M Nash. As a test, we camped in the no generator loop, which was very quiet and we were very pleased with the attached solar panel. We had no problems with not having enough power. For that trip we had plenty of water for showers and washing dishes. There is so much room in the trailer that we still have empty cabinets, what a change from before. The trailer is so well insulated that the heater only came on one night. Next trip next week, Icefields Parkway and Jasper National Park in Canada.” -Jim Streeter

“We are very pleased with our decision to purchase a Nash DLX. We have owned this camper for almost 6 years and have put almost 30K miles on it, which is holding up remarkably well. We use the Nash in all conditions throughout the year – but we particularly enjoy camping in the winter and camping off the beaten path to escape the crowds. The camper is perfect for our family of 3 and 2 Scottish Terriers.


~Darren and Holly Hollingsworth

“I still spend most of the year disperse camping off-the-grid. I like to drive up spurs off the main forest and desert roads looking for quiet, isolated spots. It wasn’t long before there were scratches down both sides of the Nash. But what the hey, it is a recreation vehicle and some of the spurs roads are tight. I’m a full time hard-wall camper. The Nash 17K is proving to be a good home for my two cats and me, and it sure is holding up to all the miles of rough roads.”

Take care and stay amused,
Sebastian Halyard, Sierra Vista, AZ

“I wanted to let you know how much my wife and I have enjoy our 2001 Nash 22H. We were able to purchase our fine trailer with the assistance of Northwood’s great staff. After viewing the trailer at a local Southern California distributor, the company went out of business and Northwood’s staff helped me to deal with the new distributor, even before they were set up.

“‘Why all the effort?’ you may ask. Being from Southern California, we never get to see cold and snow, so every year I like to go to the Eastern Sierras for the final week at Silver Lake Resort–elevation 7200 feet–to watch the leaves change color and hopefully see a little snow. As I sit outside my trailer, watching the snow fall, I hear everyone’s trailer and motor homes’ heaters running full blast, but not my Nash. The insulation and seals around penetrations keep the inside nice and cozy warm with little effort. Although the group I travel with all have much larger rigs, it seems we all just end up sitting in and enjoying the comforts of my Nash. What a great feeling. Thank you for such a fine product. I have and will continue recommended your trailers to all.” Bryce Roughton, Southern California.